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The most complete music studio in central NJ!

John Balme and Cynthia Springsteen-Balme provide private music lessons for voice, flute, piano, violin, viola, harp and guitar. We have been teaching in Monmouth County NJ since 1992. We teach in our home in Middletown.

Please use the convenient links above to find out about who we are, the success stories of our students, what we teach, our rates, events relating to our teaching and how to contact us.

You are guaranteed a prompt reply to any inquiry about our teaching and also about the many choirs we run under the title of the Concordia Chorales.

Between us we provide instruction in many areas of study. Cynthia is the leading classical voice teacher in Monmouth County. Working together with John as language and vocal repertory coach, Cynthia routinely places students in top university/conservatory voice programs. Every student applying to college in voice has been successful!

John contributes to the vocal tuition by teaching voice to male students. The major instruments John teaches are piano, violin, viola, harp and guitar. John also coaches chamber music groups in preparation for public performance.

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